What a Wonderful Day!

What a wonderful day I spent in the garden,
weeding, transplanting and all;
This first day of Autumn is perfect weather
and now plants are standing tall.

I can see flowers smile as I pull weeds away -
they seem to understand.
To keep things green and colourful
is just lending nature a hand.

Marigolds, Zinnias, and Autumn Mums
are putting on quite a show;
Sedum stands tall and beautiful
and the rose does not want to go.

Hydrangeas have turned from white to pink;
the soft-yellow sunflower is a queen;
Here and there, in their purple dress,
the cornflowers can be seen.

What a wonderful day I spent in the garden,
and now I am writing this ditty -
To tell you in words - my way
to share with you all that is pretty.

Joan Adams Burchell
September 22, 2004


Autumn Feelings