A Special Country Outing

Apples, I guess, are my favourite fruit;
you can do so much with them!
They seem to please most everybody,
especially when I bake with them.

Apple crumble, pie, or cake,
loaves, muffins, or baked;
I eat one each and every day
for the taste, and for health's sake.

They keep well - not like some fruit -
strawberries, bananas and such;
And the goodies I bake can go in the freezer -
another reason to like them so much!

Apples, straight from the orchard -
better right from the tree;
It is easy to choose the one I like -
so many kinds, you see.

I like the orchards where trees are kept low
and I can reach the ones I like;
Some let them grow so a ladder you climb,
but I'm no longer just a tyke!!!

The apple orchards are busy
in the autumn of the year;
Selling jars of this and that
and candy apples, don't fear.

Displays of crafts and things to give
for Christmas, or Halloween;
It's a special country outing
when to the orchard you've been.

Joan Adams Burchell
September 26, 2004


Autumn Feelings

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