When we know joy has found a place in our heart - then, may we know pure joy;
When we're aware of true love in our heart, we may choose true love to deploy.
When we know it has forged a place in our heart - then, wisdom may be our choice;
Success and accomplishment now are ours; only now may we choose to rejoice.

When beauty wells up from deep within, we accept it with love; we impart
With joy, unto those whom we know understand a love that has captured our heart.
Our life must reflect the choices we make while substance supplies all our needs;
Life's positive, strong-points take root and grow while we cast off the negative weeds.

Whatever desire that we may have, we must first make a place in our heart;
When praying for freedom, we all must know and construct a solid rampart;
With wisdom, power and substance within to practise the golden rule,
Let brotherly love and trust for mankind redress other ways which are cruel.

Anyone mailing a gift to us would need to know our address
For all those things that we hope to receive -- like many friends and success.
Addressed to that place prepared in our heart, we receive all good from above
For which we have prayed and, with grateful heart, we accept His bountiful Love!


~Doreen (Adams) Ellis



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