NOW is the time for the new-borne babe to continue on his way
To live a lifetime, hour by hour, momently, night and day.
His being, breathes and moves -- consumes in constant nourishment;
And, NOW, awake, aware of things he NOW feels content.


With senses he NOW has been endowed; and sponge-like is his brain --
Through eyes, and ears and mouth and skin -- experience to gain.
NOW is when all this took place and still is NOW the time
His watchful senses reach and grasp; he tries to pantomime.


The sounds he hears from day to day he coos and imitates
Which leads to learning how to speak; NOW, he communicates!
NOW is a lifetime, hour by hour -- a lifetime for you and for me;
And NOW is not just a part of the whole for divided it never can be.


NOW is the Light and the Life and the time when Wisdom and Love give the Power
Of freedom for man, his own way to choose - the word is that NOW is the hour!
NOW is the time for all to live; to journey along, each day;
To live our lifetime hour by hour -- "N-O-W" means "No Other Way"!


--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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