Welcoming Christmas

Christmas is welcomed all over the earth
By those who have love to express
And celebrate the birth of the Child
Bringing joy and happiness.

At first glance of the heavenly glow
All people were sore afraid --
As an angel appeared in the sky above
And the first Christmas welcome made.

Unto you is born this day
Our Saviour, Lord and King!
Just follow the star to Bethlehem
Gifts of love and welcome bring.

Then heavenly hosts of angels sang
Their song so sweet to hear
Glory to God in the highest stilled
Their hearts from doubt and fear.

Come welcome Christmas here and now
With open arms, good cheer
And love for everyone express
On every day of the year!

That is the highest birthday gift
That you could ever bring
On Christmas as you celebrate
The birthday of the King.

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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