Welcome, Autumn!

A little colour here and there is softly tinting leaves;
Autumn is saying its first hello - it always aims to please.
Amber shows the claret, hiding, and sets the crimson free;
Scarlet laughs, on backdrop green, to hear our squeals of glee.

As summer is ready to say goodbye, the season gently shows
Its colour - in flowers of glorious array - "autumn's" floral show.
Mums and sedum salute the rose as she curtsies her polite farewell;
Geraniums put on their final show before taken inside to dwell.

Chasing the humid heat away is a welcome gift for all;
Leaves will come to full-blown colour - the beauty we know as "fall".
We'll drink it in as sweet nectar; camera's will capture scenes;
The welcome time when we thank our God for His endless bounty of dreams.

This season is a sweet repose - a time between hot and cold;
When miraculous wonders, soft and warm, never ever grow old.
Welcome, Autumn! Your blessings are awesome; we count them one by one
As we watch and marvel, year after year, our hearts you have surely won.

Joan Adams Burchell

Written September 14, 2003

Autumn Feelings