The first Chickadee of the season said "hello" to me today;
he must have seen me hang the feeder - only yesterday.

This morning he ate his breakfast, while I stood and watched him eat;
he knew that I was friendly - wouldn't threaten or try to compete.

This tiny bird of black-and-white has such a cheery song -
a happy tone, a pretty coat, comes close, and gets along.

He doesn't fly away if I get a little near;
I wonder if he knows that I think him such a dear?

Welcome, little fellow - come and sing your song for me;
there's plenty for your dinner and no 'bill' will you see.

I'll watch you through the winter for as long as you will stay;
and delight in hearing your cheery song at intervals each day.

Joan Adams Burchell

Written September 18, 2003

Autumn Feelings