Artist of the Universe

The Artist of the Universe long since inspired all
The minstrels, poets, troubadours with words that did enthral
While even in this day and age their words to us convey
The beauty of those canvases and all that You portray

Artist of the Universe Omnipotent is He
By using every colour known he leaves for us to see
This symbol of a promise made to keep for e'er and e'er
The Master's covenant he paints into a rainbow fair

So often we're reminded by His paintings, all unique ­
Sunrise, sunset ­ they're daily gifts and not just one per week
Even clouds form part of it He still works -- not by chance
Beyond the dark clouds up above His paintings to enhance

Artist of the Universe Omnipotent to me
My thanks to you each day and night -- for sun, moon, stars I see
And for the lights behind the clouds I somehow know are there
E'en through the storms and squalls -- for painting the rainbow fair


~Doreen (Adams) Ellis~

January 27, 2004

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