My Thoughts, I Ponder

I am that I am, whatsoever I think, I am what I am at that time;
Change my thoughts and I am what I choose to be, so why not think I am fine?
"I am" ­ I say it every day with thought and action express
On levels not intended to harm -- but I do so, nevertheless.

If negative thoughts make me what I am, let positive thoughts be mine --
For positive thoughts bring peace and joy, and connect to ideas Divine.
If I am what I think I am, I should be the best I can be
So I can be helping with others by expressing the good within me.

If it's up to me to change the world, although I'm only "one"
Of all who pray for a world of peace by thinking, "It can be done!"
It can be done by little steps, and I can do my part
To show how love and peace exists within each soul and heart.

I must first be aware of those little steps and take them with no detours --
Begin where I am, with one step to show love and peace are sincerely yours.
Here's to the positive -- LOVE and PEACE, HEALTH and PROSPERITY --



~Doreen (Adams) Ellis

Written 02/02/04

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