Emotion of the Rails

The whistle of the train has many sounds as the wheels run the iron rails.

Sharp and loud, it gives a blast - a shiver of excitement sails;

Soft and lonely, it tugs at the heart and a pang of loneliness sits;

Far-away and eerie, as it fades away, a feeling of distance hits.

Are passengers travelling home or away? Is someone awaiting their train?

Is there expectation of all things new or are thoughts of farewell and pain?

Emotions that come when the train whistle blows change over again and again.

For those who listen to the king of the rails - every sound is talking to them.

Joan Adams Burchell


Trains of Yesteryear

Away back, in a simpler time, children watched trains for a thrill.

There was a hunger to check the time and hear the whistle, shrill.

A blast of steam, a clanging bell, the wheels that were heard for miles;

And then the giant, wending the bend, caused a host of smiles.

The engineer would wave or nod, much to their delight;

They vowed some day they'd ride that train on into the night.

When all the cars had passed by, the best was yet to come -

The brakeman waved from that high caboose - the envy of everyone.


Joan Adams Burchell