Our Gift to the Children

Children aren't born with predjudice;

their hearts don't register colour

And the only thing they think about race

is the one they run with each other.

Children play and get along

and if they disagree

It's forgotten before it festers -

more forgiving and wiser than we.

If only they could stay like that

as they journey life's highway.

No better thing could we ask for them -

peace; it's a small price to pay

For the future generation,

if we watch the things we say.

We'd be giving the greatest gift there is -

unconditional love;

And that love would spread around the world

as on the wings of a dove.

It isn't beyond comprehension -

it's the way the world could be

But it has to start today, right now,

and it could start with you and me.

Joan Adams Burchell