Take time to think of a neighbour;

your daily chores will wait.

It might be the only nice-thing in her day;

just knowing you stopped at her gate.

You never know what lies ahead

as the years speed swiftly by;

Some day it could be you, alone -

waiting for someone to say "Hi".


Take time from your life that's abundantly filled;

do a kindness while you can.

Your steps will be lighter, your day will be brighter

just for helping your fellow man.


Two lives will be changed from a brief encounter -

yours and the one to whom you gave;

Like an angel on earth, you shared life - gave hope;

it's not only a neighbour who was saved.


That's what life is all about -

giving time to another;

He won't forget and neither will you -

you treated him as a brother.


Joan Adams Burchell
November 29, 2004


Miscellaneous Poetry