Living Today

Life is a gift from our Creator -
we're alive - right now - today!
It's what we do with what we have -
let's enjoy living each day.

Our lives all differ from one another -
there is happiness and pain;
But it's true that things can always be worse -
So we'll look for the sunshine - not rain.

"You" may paint beautiful portraits -
while I write a line or two;
Your brother may be a musician -
Your sister has dancing to do.

As long as we share the things we have,
we're contributing good all around;
Bringing joy to those who just look,
read, listen and astound!

Astound us with their true aplause -
they're the audience we crave;
We give what we have and they respond -
they are the ones who are brave!

Our paintings may not be perfect,
our poems may not fit the bill;
The dancers, musicians may miss a step -
but the audience takes what they will.

Your home may differ from your neighbour's -
but home it is to you;
Accept your true blessings and always admire
what others less-fortunate can do.

Take time to admire Mother Nature -
stop and watch a bird;
See its home up in the tree -
hear music like you've never heard!

Take time to smell the flowers -
see how they grow each day;
Admire the grass or even the snow -
For these are gifts for today.

Joan Adams Burchell
December 14, 2004


Miscellaneous Poetry