This Man Jesus

The man who died upon the cross
Walks with me each day.
His Wisdom, Light, Love and Peace
Is always guiding my way.

I gave Him my heart many years ago
And through each day we talk.
He holds me up when I am weak -
Gives me the strength to walk.

PEACE above all understanding
Is His gift to me.
LIGHT surrounds me, from this man Jesus,
So that I may see.

He colours my days and nights with LOVE -
See His canvas all around?
He guides the brush of mother nature -
Artwork sure to astound.

He gave me life when all hope was gone;
I praise Him every day.
LOVE to heal - heal with LOVE;
Jesus showed us the way.

Joan Adams Burchell

June 11, 2004

Inspirational Poetry






 Credit: Wendy (site no longer up)