A Note From God

Do you doubt that God is watching
as you go about each day?
Do you think He only listens or sees
if you bow your head to pray?

My random thoughts I write down -
each day there is something new;
They don't bind together right away -
not 'til there are a few.

From these scribbled pages of "just words",
sometimes a poem is born.
Who would think that something unique
might come from papers so worn

One day when I was feeling low
and nothing seemed just right,
I came across an old, worn scrap
with words all cheery and bright.

I remembered that day, as I read;
I was busy in the yard.
I heard the children playing;
they were giggling and laughing so hard.

The words were few but I still could hear
the sounds that I heard last year,
And now I was smiling as I wrote
a memory through a happy tear.

Now tell me, do you not think
that God had me find that note -
That He wanted me to remember
a day that was worth a quote?

I know in my heart He watches me
and knows about my scraps;
Perhaps He hides one here and there
so I'll find it as He maps.

I thought about my note from God
today - at my room I looked;
And bits of papers I was going to toss
I put carefully inside a book.

Joan Adams Burchell
June 16, 2004


Inspirational Poetry


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