Two Poems written by Joan Adams Burchell - both copyright



For all the moonbeams that light the night

and stardust that mystifies,

For sunshine that warms and makes us smile

so sadness leaves our eyes;

For gentle rain and flakes of snow

that mother earth drinks in

And then returns, a thousand-fold,

larder for our bin;

For coloured sunsets at day's end

or a sunrise beginning day,

For painted leaves that silently fall

when autumn comes our way;

For rivers and lakes and mountain-tops,

and trees that clean the air -

Nature is forever and I'm thankful

for blessings so rare.


My Thanksgiving

To watch the sun, rise or set, is all I need to see;

To watch the stars salute the moon is still a mystery.

When summer flowers blush with bloom and breezes make them sway;

When leaves are brushed with autumn colours, it takes my breath away.

All this, and more, makes life worthwhile and joy fills my heart.

Life is how you greet each day, and know that of it you're a part.

Thankful am I for a heart so full on this Thanksgiving day;

I offer my humble words of praise when I bow my head to pray.