There is a pure and shining light within each heart, we know,
And when we are aware of it, we live our lives just so.
Should we forget about this light ('tis always shining there!)
And see around us doubts and fears, of shadows we're aware.

Meditation lets us see what shadows are made of --
Nonentities that come between the path of light and love.
"Nonentities"? 'Tis just a word for things that don't exist;
To name something so nebulous -- an important point was missed.

Some shade can be refreshing and protect us from the heat;
"Shade" is a word for something good -- a body-cooling treat.
Sweet cloak of soft and cooling shade is sometimes all we need --
A moment's soothing respite -- our soul to calm and feed.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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