It lights up our life when we’re feeling blue -
it soothes and warms us through;
Sunshine makes everything bright again -
something not many things do.

God gives us sunshine after the rain -
on that we can depend.
It makes us happy and we reflect light -
mirrored sunbeams - to send.

It can be felt from a smile or kind word -
sunshine is felt by another;
Sometimes we forget the power we’re given
to help someone like a brother.

Just for today - let’s pass sunshine around;
it doesn’t take much time.
A friendly nod, a helping hand,
gives hope - just being kind.

The warmth of your sunbeams has the power of love -
light - for someone in need;
What a wonderful gift we can pass along -
”sunbeaming” - a really good deed.

©Joan Adams Burchell
August 12, 2006



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