A Bridge to Heaven

Building a bridge to Heaven’s garden
is something we all can do;
To love one another as God loves us -
without always choosing just who.

God’s love is unconditional -
He forgives when we go astray;
It matters not the colour of our skin -
For He has made us this way.

We look around our wondrous world
and pray that it will mend;
With love in our hearts - not violence and hate -
God wants us to be a friend.

How can “I” build this bridge on my own? -
we only need give our heart;
One step - leading to God above -
leads others to do their part.

Building a bridge to Heaven’s garden
grows one step at a time;
Soon we will see it all built with love -
countries, united, will bind.

It doesn’t happen in one day or night -
so we need to get on our way;
Give our love unconditionally -
that is the only way.

Hand-in-hand we watch flowers adorn
what we built - one step at a time;
When we journey on to meet our God -
we will know His world will be fine.

To teach our children and theirs to know
God’s “Golden Rule” for mankind;
THIS is building a bridge to Heaven
for all who come behind.

©Joan Adams Burchell
August 12, 2006