The Star


'Twas a night long ago, there appeared in the sky
The brightest of lights shining down from on high.
'Twas a light so intense and it caused much concern.
All the people who saw wanted only to turn
And follow that star wherever it led --
E'en unto Bethlehem -- to a manger bed,

Where the little child lay, surrounded by love
Of father and mother and angels above,
Singing a message that had to be told,
That all might set forth on the path to behold
And worship this Son, who was sent from above;
To bring to us all God's truth, peace and love.

The story is told and in it the reason
For blessings unlimited through every season.
The happiest Christmas for all is to be
Aware of the star within you and me --
And to follow His light that it may show us
The spirit of love brought forth at Christmas.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


Christmas Legacy of Love

Aware of the urge that silent night
To follow the Star, to keep in sight
That Light within, so to express
In Truth, the birth of Holiness.

For the greatest dawn of all to see --
How to live life as it should be --
Look ever up -- not just Christmas morn;
Give thanks for the truth that Christ was born!

Our Guide, enfolded within the heart
Of all creation, a special chart
To treasures designed for you and me --
Acceptance being our only key.

This legacy of love has meaning --
'Tis Divine Wisdom intervening
Negative thoughts which spell disaster,
Affirming Truth taught by our Master.

Take, now, this Gift from Supreme Being,
For highest good 'tis guaranteeing;
Free to all, celebrating the birth
Of our Saviour, this Christmas, on Earth

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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