Two Short Poems


March 17, the story goes

Ireland's own St. Patrick was born on March eight.
"No," some argued, "it was the ninth; the midnight hour struck late."
"Co-operate and get along," was excellent advice;
Adding both together gave the seventeenth - so wise.
And that is how St. Patrick's day was finally settled on;
The day for the jig and shamrock and maybe a leprechaun.
(Or so the story goes.)

Joan Adams Burchell


A Bit of Irish Blarney

On St. Patrick's day we'll surely see
the wearing of the green.
Nearly everyone we meet that day
will don the shamrock green;
A tie, a scarf, a shirt or sweater -
a little says a lot.
Descendents of that Emerald Isle?
Some are and some are not.
A song fills our hearts for that dear land
across the Irish sea
Where for just a day a bit of heaven
lives within both you and me;
For it is true for sure, for sure,
there's many a lass or lad -
The ones who come from Ireland
and the ones that wish they had.

Joan Adams Burchell