"A Little Bit Of Heaven"

Those little Irish Leprechauns
are known for the Pot o' Gold;
They and they alone do know
the place it is, I'm told.

Instead of dropping coins for us
to lead us so we'd know,
They played a leprechaun's Irish trick
and dropped a ton of snow!

Now how would they like it on their Emerald Isle
if we blew the snow their way?
Not very charitable am I, you say,
on this, St. Paddy's day?

"Oh, a little bit of heaven
fell from out the sky one day"
All white and heavy, packed with ice,
in a divilish-sort of way.

With each and every shovel I lifted,
I heard a tinkling giggle;
The little folk had played their prank
and now out of it, I had to wriggle.

So now the snow is piled high
and the wee folk had their fun,
I see a glint - a golden ray -
just mirrored from the sun.

They're having the last laugh as they go,
all wearing an impish smile;
I'll welcome them again, next year
if they'll come that extra mile.

If I could choose one place on earth,
to visit for a day,
'Twould be the Emerald Isle, for sure -
to hear them sing their way.

They all have voices that float on air,
as sweet as sweet can be;
Tis sure they'd "steal my heart away"
with the beautiful "Rose of Tralee".

Joan Adams Burchell
March 8, 2005


Winter Poems