Have we all-of-a-suddenly stepped into Spring?
Or, have we been asleep and just missed everything?
Come alive to the blessings of Spring, be aware
How the seasons reflect Mother Nature's great care!

With the help of the wind and the warmth of the sun,
She has gently awakened her kingdom, again --
And she bids all her subjects from "Nod" to return --
Every crocus and daffodil, tulip and fern!

So, the icicles melt and the water must flow,
As the flowers appear through the last bit of snow,
To see grass turning green and the branches in bud;
Hear the song of the frogs as they bask in the mud.

From the banks of the stream that goes trickling along
To refresh every bird when they pause in their song
For a drink, and a bath, and a break in their flight --
Savour this -- for 'tis Spring on a perfect Spring night!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis




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