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Love's Labour

Could we but labour in our time
On Earth, in hours so well-spent,
That future generations know
What 'seeds' to us had meant.

Within the seeds do blossoms dwell --
A promise from above --
Could we but plant them in the soil
And tend to them with love.

From scented blossoms comes the fruit
And, ripened by the sun,
As blushing sweetest juices flow
To nourish everyone.

Could we but glean the Truth in this
And to our lives apply
The principles of gardening,
Not asking "how?" or "why?"

To our children we'd bequeath
What came to us as seed --
Sweet blossoms -- but for harvesting,
Brings all the fruits they need.

Honest labour brings to Earth
Progress for all mankind;
Not just the labourer is blest --
'Tis all the world combined.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



When you see each branch once bare
Has tiny buds that swell
With life anew; a promise true
To man it does foretell.
Day by day, in every way,
Earth dons its wardrobe, green;
The trees and plants, the rustling grass
Prepare and set the scene.
For the multi-coloured flowers
So beautifully portrayed
All through the spring and summertime,
Bright costumes they parade.
And, then, the fall brings "curtain call" --
The "crowning glory" touch --
When red and gold and orange delight
And warm our hearts so much.
Now, the cold of wintertime
Can come but frost and snow
Shall mean no more than "marking time"
Until the flowers grow.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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