I Am Soul Music

I am music; yes, I am!
The rhythm of life, I am --
The center of love within the heart ­
I am the soul of man!

So listen to me for direction
As harmony blends with the beat;
On the strings of your heart plays a melody
From the soul of man, so sweet!

Spirit feeds this to the soul
From the mind that is divine;
The symphony of life plays on;
You hear what is me and what's mine.

Mine is music; you know who I am!
I am my soul, complete;
I am notation that fills the score
With music I play and repeat!

I am the music of the spheres
And all that is expressed --
I am the music of singing birds --
I'm the music you like the best!

I am the music of laughter and joy --
Sounds of beyond and above --
I am the music of the wind in the trees;
I am the music of love!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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