The Thanksgiving Wish

This is a wonderful time to wish and strengthen the ties that bind--
Our family, friends and loved ones -- all His creatures of every kind.

We give our thanks to our Maker first, for the ties that bind us all --
Including all He creates as "ONE" -- connecting the great and small.

'Twas His Love created us; to sustain us day by day,
He gave His Son to show us how our lives to live His way.

In gratitude for Love divine, with one another share --
In appreciation for His gifts of love and tender care.

His abundance is everywhere! We'd live in harmony --
And all would have their rightful share -- if divided equally.

For the right to food and water, pure -- and all our needs since birth --
We give our thanks upon this day and every day on earth!

We all love Thanksgiving Day! Together we celebrate
With families and loved ones, dear -- such a feast we anticipate!

Thanksgiving Day, let's make a wish -- for God's creation, a prayer ­
That every nation on this earth will live in peace fore'er!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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