Skating a Dream

Lifts, leaps, twists and throws
done with elegant grace;
Successful triple-combination jumps
show victory on the skater's face.
Footwork, fast and intricate,
done with seeming ease
Is part of the programme the judges demand
and really done to please.
Artistic spirals make the skaters glow
and the audience is entranced;
Sequence, layback or sit spins -
combinations all enhance.
A sharp edge is their technique
when music changes on-the-go;
Deep knees, light-feet in flight
to the romantic waltz we know.
Each single or pair has something to give -
something of their own;
All are unique, skating their dream,
as their presentation is shown.
The music, the feeling, the costumes that match,
the story presented and told
Is the art of a skater who has a dream
of bronze, silver, and gold.

Joan Adams Burchell