This Background is a Tumbling Block quilt that I hand-stitched and hand quilted

THREE Poems by Joan Adams Burchell (copyright)


Happy art

Warm and cozy quilts are made with varied colourful scraps;
Creative patterns in prints and plains catch me in their traps.
I can't resist a quarter of this and a half-meter of ends
To stitch, by hand, a keepsake of love for family and friends.
I like to think I quilt a dream for those who sleep beneath
the windmills, stars, and wedding rings, tumbling blocks or wreaths.
Perhaps they'll dream of one-inch squares, just postage-stamp size;
The scraps they know I stitch with joy to see the glow in their eyes.



The fingers are gnarled, not nearly so quick;
the stitches uneven - not what she'd pick.
The eyes are dim - they twitch and run;
the hope - it won't show when it's all done.
The quilter prays this thing she can do;
the stitches - her love, as she thinks of you.


Spare Time

Primary colours in plains and prints - tiny prints are best;
Light, medium, and some dark will fill my quilt with zest.

Each tiny square, just 1" in size, sewn in rows of nine;
Then nine rows down is a perfect block, and another I can call mine.

Floral, checks and polka dots - no block is quite the same;
With colours so cheery I never tire - it's all like playing a game.

These tiny squares take little room; I can sit in my garden and sew;
With my little basket beside me, I can sit and sew - not mow.

When I draw and cut these cheerful bits, I think from whence they came;
These made cusions and these were wreaths, some aprons - I call them by name.

Scraps left from sewing other quilts, wall hangings and different gifts;
Only a little was purchased for this and only to give it a lift.

Instead of throwing a scrap away, I picture it in a block;
My finger dons a thimble as I stitch, and I do not heed the clock.

Spare time is for hobbies and with mine I am blessed;
Gardening, writing, sewing to quilt - one a happy balance to the rest.

Joan Adams Burchell
July 11, 2002