Note-by-note, from the silent Source, there springs a melody; 
Just listen to the notes so clear that form the harmony.

On intervals between the notes, the tune-to-be is based,

While up and down upon the air, these sounds are interlaced

With patterns, rests, repeats; the score shows music, high and low

For voices, and all instruments you strike or pluck or blow.

Day-by-day, take the time to listen well, and thereby be in tune,

Beyond all mundane thoughts in flight; in the depths of your soul commune

With the silent Source of all that's good.   Is this what some call "prayer?

The answer comes from deep within not away out there, somewhere.

Artist, writer, poet, all the genius ones who know

How to paint, to write, all things express, will say that this is so!

Thankful for the Source of all, where springs a melody;

Thankful for the notes we hear that form the harmony.

But thankful most of all are we for guidance, wisdom, light

And love with Truth to know that all our needs are met tonight.

There is no problem that's too small or one that is too great;

The solution's there for acceptance before we communicate!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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