In London, while on holiday, a message came for me --
The wish I'd made when I was eight was granted -- I'd soon see!
To see, I had to go back home and I could hardly wait!
The miles we travelled to return, I had to tolerate.

Greetings were abandoned in such haste to find my prize --
Oh, look! The dresser drawer -- inside! Could I believe my eyes?
My tiny, baby sister, Joan, lay smiling up at me --
I'd not take a million for the precious gift I see!

I plucked her up with eagerness and hugged her with delight!
Concern was etched on Mama's face -- Joan seemed to be all right.
I want to tell you right now, though, what this loving gift is worth
To me and all your fam'ly, Joan -- we've loved you since your birth.

'Tis important that you know -- for all the days of old
You've been my special, wished-for gift -- so, now, you have been told!
And, now that all these years have passed, I love you even more --
When multiplied by each day lived, amazing is the score!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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