A Reminder From Mom

My mother told me the older you got -
the faster the time flew.
I remember laughing at her remark,
but, sure enough - she knew!

It takes me longer to do everything;
I have aches and pains aplenty.
But now that I think of it, I'm still doing things
that I did when I was twenty!

In the last while I've had a chat -
with ladies from different decades;
They both were be-moaning about their age
and didn't want accolades.

"You still have time to dance and sing;
you'll laugh and cry a few tears,
So don't say you're old because you will find
that is when you live in dog years!"

They both had a laugh at what I'd said
about each year feeling like seven.
They giggled and thought it the funniest thing -
and 'I' felt a nudge from heaven.

Joan Adams Burchell
June 17, 2004


Miscellaneous Poetry