Life is made up of mountains and valleys -
it's not all even terrain;
Some days I wish it wasn't so
and wish it was all even plain.

What if I didn't climb up that mountain
the day it called me to?
An effort, yes, but look what I gained -
the beauty of a different view.

The day I woke up in a valley
and wished I could escape;
Until I felt the peaceful calm
and felt my heart cease to ache.

If I walked the same route every day
how tiring it would become;
I've learned to welcome the mountains and valleys -
and to take each day one by one.

Some days are sweet; some days are sour;
but for each one there is a reason.
I wouldn't want just spring and summer -
I welcome every season.

For every teardrop that I cry
there are miles of smiles for me;
So I'll take the ups and downs each day
and know how much stronger I'll be.

Joan (Adams) Burchell
July 3, 2004


Miscellaneous Poetry