Positive Prayer

'Tis the breath of Spirit fans the flame and positive thoughts remain;
The Light burns bright throughout the night as Life goes on In His Name!
Ignore not the breath of Spirit, nor, like wat'ry thoughts, negative,
Weep on the flame that struggles to glow ­ His 'spark' continues to live!

'Lighthouse' or 'candle', whatever the role, His Light, man must shine and share
With everyone around the world, so candles shed Light ev'rywhere!
The earthquake delivered tsunami inland with a mighty force --
We neighbours pray with active aid for you on victimized shores.

This is our special, positive prayer for LIFE and STRENGTH and HEALTH --
To receive Unlimited Blessings until His LOVE and PEACE bring WEALTH --
May pledges continue to spread His Light and, again, may all candles shine
On your stricken shores, with beauty restored, 'til LOVE and PEACE be thine!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


My Sister's Poetry Pages Index 2


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