Six Valentine Poems by Doreen (Adams) Ellis ~all Copyright~ May not be used without permission.



Please send my soulmate's Valentine;
It hasn't far to go;
He seems quite close to me today --
Much closer than you know.

So quickly this must get to him
We're never far apart;
My message travels swiftly for
He lives within my heart.

Destination, "Valentine" --
No sweeter can it be;
It simply says, "I love you, too!"
For I know that he loves me.

Would that you be happy, too,
And so I want to say,
"Your happiness means much to me;
Enjoy a happy day!"


You Are My Valentine

If 'tis love that is true, then, this missile won't stray;
Cupid's arrow will speed with its message today.
I have told you before and I make no pretense,
You are my Valentine and 'tis just common sense
That you give me your heart, just as I have done mine,
And we tell everyone that you're my Valentine!



Let go! Let LOVE work through you;
Order from chaos comes - true!
Valentine wishes remain;
Enlightened by LOVE, let PEACE reign!



Love does its best work through you;
Overcomes challenges, too.
Valentine wishes I send,
Embracing you as my friend.
Your heart and mine intertwine;
Now you're my true Valentine!


When Two Hearts Beat As One

When two hearts one rhythm share, together they do beat ­
With Cupid's arrow, he doth shoot to make their lives complete.
One by one makes two and two; in couples they do form
And join the dance of Valentines whose love is strong and warm.

Happy Valentines are they who dance the night away,
Forget their woes while having fun, their happiness display.
When the dance comes to an end it doesn't stop their fun
For Valentines are happy when two hearts just beat as one!


Forever, Valentine

It was through you, love came to warm my heart ;
It was through you. it blessed me every day.
It was through you, love came to play its part
To banish any fear along the way.
If there be hope that you may read this line,
This is for you alone, my Valentine!

Remember - all copyright by --Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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