This is me (taken Feb/1999). Born in Toronto, Ontario on July 19, 1932; moved in 1978 to Smiths Falls, Chocolate Capital of Ontario - (Hershey's) located in the Ottawa Valley. Besides writing, I did Genealogy for a number of years, hand-piece and quilt as long as the fingers will let me, like to bake, still love to garden, and love dogs! My education was limited so I have only learned from the school of life. It was just a few months before my husband was diagnosed terminally ill that words started flowing from my pen. Little did I know that those words would keep me going during the difficult times and comfort me through my grief. I learned to look for the good in each day and nature became my solace.

This is my faithful friend, "Jenny", who is 15 -1/2 years old and my sweet, loving companion. Though Jenny is totally deaf now, we still communicate very well. (I love you, Babe!) I wrote a poem, "To Jenny", that you will find in the Miscellaneous Poetry section. Below, is a picture of her when she was a tiny puppy. I just came across it and had to share it with you. Oh, how time flies! Notice the tiny pink collar.

Jenny and I had to say our final goodbyes on December 8, 2003.
She will always live on in my heart.

This is my daughter, Jan, and her daughter and son, shown below. Jan loves to cook and bake, garden, write, likes the computer, and loves animals. (The camera is this way....... oh well.) This second pic shows her with one of her kitties.

Melissa is 21. She likes to write, too, and loves drama and singing. She's a sweeheart! (I am waiting for an updated photo of Melissa.)

At 16 AND a more recent photo.......

Josh is 19 and my youngest grandchild. Josh loves hockey; enjoys the computer, and is a collector of comic books. Did I tell you that his hockey team (Ted Reeve Hockey Ass'n) won the championship again in 2002? Yay!

This is my daughter, Sandy, out on the boat. She had been Scuba Diving with some of her students and was having 'time out' but keeping a watchful eye. Sandy is a commercial design artist, as well, and also loves to bake and garden; loves animals and right now has three dogs and a cat. The second pic is taken in my yard - spring/02. We had just finished digging up plants in the garden so hid behind the linden tree.

This is Sandy's husband, George, who is also a Scuba Diving Instructor; is a carpenter by trade but loves trucking. He likes to cook when he is home, garden, and walk the dogs. I couldn't resist putting this picture of Sandy and George in - taken spring/02 after gardening.

This is my eldest grandson, Carl (aka Alley), who is Sandy's 22-year-old son. Alley has always liked baseball; karate; is excellent at art design; likes stand-up comedy, reading, and swimming. This second pic was taken just before Christmas/02. There was just a dusting of snow but Alley and his girlfriend (isn't she pretty?) made this adorable little snowman and George took their picture with it. Thanks all! I love it!

Now I would like to present the newest member of my family. She has come to me from a Rescue Shelter and is a darling. Her name is N'Kai, a Japanese name meaning Seashell. She is loving and gentle and I truly believe that my angel Jenny led me to her. Jenny would not have wanted me to be alone. This is my first big dog. Good girl, N'Kai!