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See wondrous mountains, rivers, lakes,
and mighty oceans deep;
Majestic trees of every breed,
with young we'd like to keep.

Smell the morning air -
so pure, fresh and clean;
Roses, pine and lavender
and grass so green.

Hear the birds sing sweetly
after water, fruit and seed;
Their webbed brothers dip and dive
in sparkling ponds, to feed.

Feel the clean and gentle mist
from the mighty waterfall
And how it makes us look around,
appreciating all.

Taste the snowflakes on our tongues;
the snow so pure and white
And how we know, within our hearts,
that things will be alright.

Look skyward to the heavens
to see miracles take place;
The rainbow, sun, moon and stars
we all do embrace.

Envision dense forests
where wild animals reside;
It's their safe place to live and feed
and feel their sense of pride.

Touch the petals of a flower
and feel the beauty there;
All this because we have clear water
and fresh clean air.

Leave the world a better place
for having been here;
That's what life is all about -
protecting what we hold dear.

Mother Earth is a gift to us -
and I ask that we make a commitment;
Search our hearts, think of how
to help protect our environment!

Joan Adams Burchell


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