WE may think we've not done our best -- but that's just what WE think!
We'll put it off 'til later on -- "Perfection" is our kink.
While out in public, must we look our very best, always --
Our makeup on -- each hair in place, secured by chic hair sprays?

Unless each thing we do is "tops", just "average" will not do!
And must our standards be so high, or, if not, are we blue?
If others do not seem impressed with our accomplishments,
Is everything a total loss? Does that make any sense?

Do others glow with happiness while we may think we've failed
To measure up to the goal we've set, no matter what's entailed?
When things don't go as we have planned and deadlines are not met --
When work takes longer than it should, do we get quite upset?

Are the emotions in control when others we berate
For disappointments they've caused us? Do we intimidate?
Perfection leads us to display much less than happiness;
Then, relaxation helps us ride on the freeway to success!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



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