October Thanksgiving

In Canada, we celebrate
when Autumn's at her best.
Leaves have donned their finest wear
with elegance and zest;
They blanket flowers slumbering -
to protect from winter's freeze,
A quilt of many colours spread
from nature's autumn trees.

We have so much to be thankful for;
this surely is God's doing;
His plan for beauty all-year-round -
this season we are viewing.
He gives protection; unconditional love;
He knows our every need;
This special day we set aside
to thank Him for His every deed.

It matters not what we feast upon
on this, Thanksgiving day;
We know He will always provide for us
so let's give thanks and pray.
Enjoy this day; rejoice; give thanks -
but do it again, anew;
Let our Thanksgiving start today
but continue all year through.

©Joan Adams Burchell
(Written October 4, 2009)

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