Now is Eternity

Could we but see the Father's plans for us,
We should behold designs so glorious,
All darkness would be light by which we'd see
Our myriad paths along eternity!

Could we but know that distance has no part,
No time nor space -- but NOW is all this chart
Can reveal, to guide our unending way
Through every process, be it night or day.

NOW is;  NOW was;  forever shall be NOW!
LIFE is; LIFE was; so we can perceive how
Each one in his own way is free to go
Toward TRUTH , LOVE, GOD, and NOW; we know!

I AM is BEING; that is all of LIFE!
Could we but thankful be, 'twould end all strife;
And sorrow would no more our thoughts invade,
When spirit wings the soul to higher grade.

We are that SPIRIT -- if we could but see,
We'd know we are NOW in eternity!
There's no separation of any kind --
We're all ONE in Spirit in Divine Mind!


--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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