When the Silence you embrace, releasing every care,
Frustration melts to "nothingness" in answer to your prayer.
It is apparent to you now; in secret you have found
Solutions to the unresolved -- and miracles abound!

When the Silence you embrace, all fear has gone away,
Dissolved by instant cleansing power of love, beyond dismay --
Love that's unconditional and free to everyone,
Who will pass it on to others, as He freely gave His Son.

From time to time you will embrace the Silence and will find
Ideas in your purest thoughts will enter into mind --
And giving thanks, you'll understand that you are to express
Ideas, found from depths profound, to share your happiness.

Then, when Silence you embrace with love and adulation,
You'll find the Source, unlimited, beyond all expectation!
So, let this Silence be embraced through life and you will learn 
That Love and Power and Wisdom and Peace are there at every turn.

No need to worry, fret and fear
When the Silence you embrace;
Forever, you are faith-endowed
With His everlasting grace!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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