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'Tis the love that releases that blesses us so,
As we pick up the pieces and "go with the flow".
Man must be willing his own life to live --
Not question his neighbour -- be quick to forgive.
Forgiveness gives power to try once again
To improve, and with the best of intentions, to win
Over temptation; he hastens his pace --
This time his success has illumined his face!

Can he do it again? Yes, he can! Yes, he can!
Though his way may be different to his fellow man.
Given the freedom to fail, then succeed,
Along with compassion, may well fill the need
To give life his all in the way he relates;
With his brothers and sisters, he lives and creates.
Being a channel lets God give, through you,
His gift of equality in all you do.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



For threats that life has been invaded -- when we find
That chronic ailments manifest -- be "positive" in mind.
Some who know that life is "change" aren't overwhelmed with fears;
They seem to know that they are blessed and "laugh" away their tears.
Sometimes it seems impossible and we wish for "yester-years" --
Conveniently forgetting, 'til someone "worse off" appears.
They're faced with challenges much worse than those we have to date;
We wouldn't want to claim what some have piled upon their plate.

Once we accept that life is "change" and try to cope with fears,
We seem to know that we are blessed and "laugh" away our tears.
We find it's not impossible to be "positive" at heart --
For taking thought before response, promotes a long-sought art.
We call to mind that life is "change" -- for "better" it could be
Than focusing on many fears. Let go! Let God! Be free!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


In Tune With Life

A tune can have a different beat
A voice can sing its song
From whence it came; whate'er its name,
The flute, the fife, the gong -

Express it in so many ways,
And none of them are wrong;
The feeling's there upon the air
And carries us along!

Courageous, to one's Self be true,
One follows not the throng;
Each, on his own, learns the unknown
So all can be made strong.

Then, so must all take that road which
For each, is felt 'tis right.
No magic wand to reach beyond
Where there's no day, nor night.

Some choose roads - long, uphill, too -
Seems like infinity!
Life is the learning process of earning
Peace, through eternity!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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