My Valentine

My Valentine is sent with love,
A tribute from the heart.
'Tis swiftly sent by Cupid's bow
Should we be far apart.

My Valentine is like a prayer
In mind that wings its way
So fast - it travels thought by thought -
Arrives without delay.

It matters not where my love lies,
Or if beyond my sight,
My Valentine - a card or prayer -
Doth heart-to-heart unite.


--Doreen (Adams) Ellis




My Pal

He never leaves me on my own -
I know he never shall;
He walks with me; he talks with me
Because he is my pal.

Transition was when he put on
Invisibility -
He's still my pal and always shall
Be watching over me.

'Tis why I never feel 'alone' -
'All one' I feel instead.
His hand in mine, our hearts entwined
Since long before we wed.

I feel his warm hand on my arm -
I know I always shall
Remember him; beloved pilgrim -
For Ray is still my pal.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



Meaning many things to us, with letters only four,
Some feel they must avoid its use, when we should use it more.
Understanding, tolerance, compassion name but few -
The qualities we hunger for - we have! If we but knew!

Every person knows this word; they hear it every day;
'Tis ours to give and to accept, so spread the "word" your way.
All-encompassing, this gift, sent down from Heaven above,
Dynamic source of all that's good, it's real idea is "LOVE".

Words but merely represent the Truth idea within;
'Tis our responsibility to treasure every gem;
Use the blessing we've received, with thanks, and speculate
The action needed to perform, express or demonstrate.

Channels all both you and I, this word of "love" express;
When freely given the love we send results in happiness.
Concentrate on "love" today - the "unconditional" kind -
Enfolding "wisdom", "life" and "power", so perfectly combined.

Nothing with so small a count of letters in its name
Can be so powerful a tool unless, of course, it came
Through the Holy "word" of Him with letters only three -
Like "God" and "Son" with Holy Ghost to form the Trinity.


--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



An expression of love, let my Valentine be,
To the souls of my loved ones who still share with me
Little secrets, like ripples that roll o'er a pond
In smooth, vibrating circles of love that respond
In the wake of the pebbles that have been cast in;
Let it mirror my love from its source, deep within,
To be welcomed in spirit so quick to impart
That this Valentine blessing has come from my heart.

Doreen (Adams) Ellis



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