Two Poems




Children start along the path of learning and of growth -
Their minds like sponges drinking in right from the time of birth.
Thirst for knowledge built within however small they be;
With age some of us soon forget our curiosity.

Question here and question there; they know they must enquire -
'Tis "how?" and "why?" and "where?" and "when?" until the grownups tire.
This brings on discouragement for questions still arise;
They turn to others like themselves and peers may be unwise.

We answer questions when they're asked unless we do not know;
Then seek the answer - concentrate - and let our interest show.
We tell the child we do not know - we, too, would like to be
Aware of how to look for things - together, we will see.

Children grow and grownups, too, will age like best of wine;
When curiosity lives on, our days with love, combine
To help them start along the path of learning and of growth -
The quest for life's vicissitudes will quench their thirst for both.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



Have you abandoned new pursuits
Because you were afraid
How you may look to other folks
For mistakes that you have made?
There is nothing you can't do
'Tis practice that you need;
Make each mistake a stepping stone
Until you do succeed.

As the baby learns to walk
And as the little tyke
Corrects mistakes time after time
'Til he can ride his bike --
We, too, must be "a little child"
When faced with something new;
Be uninhibited and try
To learn what's new to you.

We forget our "child" within
Who, born with built-in code,
Will try and try and try, again --
Success, then, is bestowed.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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