My Thanksgiving

So much to be thankful for -
so many gifts from above;
So many dreams come true for me -
and all with so much love.

Gifts from my Heavenly Father -
given with His love and grace;
Shelter, food, clothes and friends -
and this wonderful world - His place.

Thank you, Lord, for the wonders of earth -
the art of land, sky and sea;
Beauty You give me night and day -
it leads me and helps me to see.

When I look at the beauty around me,
I think of the wonders in store
When I follow the light to Heaven
and You meet me at the door.

The greatest gift - Your Son - you've given,
is to help my heart to see
That life on earth is a grand preview
of Heaven's eternity.

Joan Adams Burchell
October 2, 2004


Inspirational Poetry