The Glory of God

When I see the morning sun, rise up in the east -
I think of the LOVE in You;
When it sets in the west with miraculous colour -
I think of the "I AM" in You.

When the bright stars twinkle throughout the night -
The GLORY of God shines through;
When the moon ("Lamp of the Poor") is lit -
I think of the WONDER of You.

When nature is reborn in the spring of the year -
I think of the LIFE in You;
When summer shows its myriad of colour -
I think of the LIGHT in You.

When days grow shorter, preparing for rest -
I think of the WISDOM of You;
When a blanket of white protects from the cold -
I think of PEACE from You.

When I count my many blessings at the end of the day -
of ALL that God can do;
When I feel Your love, Your wisdom, and peace,
It's because I am thinking of You.

Joan Adams Burchell
October 21, 2004


Inspirational Poetry