Three Musical Poems


Man can lighten his load with a little song;
He can shorten the road; take a friend along.
He can brighten his day when trouble shows;
He can stop on his way to smell a rose.
He can, when he knows he's done his best -
After a day seems long -
Enjoy his sleep and awake refreshed,
Pick up his load, and move on!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



In the song of Life must reign a certain harmony;
The basic principle rings true, to quote, "I am", "To be".
Love employs this principle to make the song complete --
In Wisdom, Power and Substance, too -- the principle's replete!
For a song to harmonize, a life to change its course,
The principle of music makes a change -- not using force --
But the resolution comes with leading note in place,
Which slowly brings it back on path to home wherein is grace.

Music discords are resolved returning to home key;
Discords in life resolve as well if centered thoughts there be;
All creation has its Source throughout eternity,
Returning many times for more direction how "to be".
Some can be harmonious with flexibility,
Souls centered on the Light within, show creativity;
Life with Substance, Love and Power along with Wisdom, free,
Will bring results beyond belief in perfect harmony!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



In a world that seems to spin as fast as fast can be,
At times, we must rely upon an aid for you and me;
One that we can use each time we're feeling some distress --
Few pleasures do invoke a calm, untroubled state for rest
Than music that we love the best -- so, when we wish to make
Serene and calm our state of mind, a dose of music take.

Peaceful feeling -- quite sublime -- enfolds us in its arms
And swaddled in tranquility, enchanted by its charms,
Drifting lazily, we dream -- relaxing all the while --
Transported from our cares and woes, we fantasize a smile.
Through the night, till morning light, as quiet as can be,
We are transported "music'lly" through sounds and fantasy!

In a world that seems to spin as fast as fast can be,
At times, we must rely upon a little harmony
That brings us back to calm repose where spirit does unite
Our minds and bodies -- soothed, refreshed -- to start the day off right!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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