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Molded by the Source of Love
To dwell upon this Earth
We lay sheltered in the womb
Until 'twas time for birth.

Wrapped in Mother's love we grew
And nurtured by her care
Our bodies grew -- also our minds
Expanding, made aware ­

Of Spirit, soul and body -- all
Are one great Trinity;
Mother, Father and each child
Become a family.

Given life and given love
To share with one another,
In human kind 'tis said, you'll find
No love like that of Mother!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

Mother Love

"Happiness" is your Mother -
Wherever it is, she's there!
Her presence is with you night and day -
'Tis almost the same as prayer.

"Gentleness" is your Mother -
Wherever she is, 'tis there!
While thinking of others night and day -
With undying love to share.

Her love may have gone before you -
Wherever she is, 'tis there!
Her arms are around you night and day
Sheltering you with her prayer.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


To celebrate throughout the land of Ancient Greece 'twas pledged
That Rhea, Mother of the Gods, be honoured, 'tis alledged.
And, England, to this very day -- the fourth Sunday of Lent --
They celebrate their Mother's Day -- an annual event.
In eighteen sev'nty-two, 'twas said, a lady, name of "Howe",
First organized in Boston, Mass., to honour mothers now.
In nineteen hundred seven, then, Ann Jarvis did beseech
Her mother's West Virginia Church to set aside on each
Second Sunday during May (the day her mother died)
To honour every mother and a special day provide.

To Philadelphia it spread and on and on it went,
Until proclaimed a holiday by Wilson, President.
Then, many countries followed suit and Mother's Day became
The day that mother's would receive our honour and acclaim.
Of course, you need not wait to show your love for Mom is true;
You let her know it day by day -- just by being you.
To honour Mother on this day -- your feelings do declare
How much you love and cherish her for all her tender care;
As special as she is to you, you're special to her, too;
Brings happiness to you.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


Your love is radiant as the sun,
Refreshing as sleep when day is done;
Your love is strong as the strongest chain,
Sweet as a rose garden after rain;
Your love is deep as the deepest sea,
And limitless as eternity.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


When, in memory, I see my Mom, I find her there
The way she looked when I was young, with her wavy, brunette hair.
Enthusiastic, full of fun, her eyes with mischief glow
To guard a secret she has kept -- not yet for us to know.

And when, with laughter, we explode while jokes she is relaying,
She makes them sound much funnier when you hear what she is saying.
I see her singing while she works in time with every tune --
When scrubbing, ironing, mixing food -- plus her "sooth-the-infant" croon.

I hope this family of mine my face will memorize,
Not how it looks when I am old, but seen through "childlike" eyes.
I love my memory of Mom -- of me, she is a part --
And every day is Mother's Day, for she lives within my heart!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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