If you think to look up toward the sky after rain
As you notice the sun shining through once again,
There may be a rainbow that's stretching so far
Above, yet enfolding the spot where you are.
A feeling of wonder! A glorious sight!
In order, the spectrum of colours delight
All who witness the wonderful arch in the sky --
When the clouds, just a moment ago, ceased to cry.
The thunder that crashed and the lightning that crackled
Retreat, for this archway is not to be tackled.

Again, as we stare in dismayed disbelief --
A little shade dimmer but just like the chief
Of rainbows, its colours, their order reversed,
It's breathtaking loveliness just like the first --
Appears high above -- like in some looking glass;
Though the sun shines through raindrops and dewdrops on grass,
It can also make rainbows where waterfalls play
With sun shining through every droplet of spray.
When Life sends us raindrops remember that sight;
The rainbows that follow will bring much delight!
--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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