It's Mother's Day, Mom - a time to reflect;
I've mem'ries that warm - you still do protect.
The songs that you sung taught me endless lessons
And, to this day, my problems they lessen.

"God Will Take Care of You", "Count Your Blessings";
These are two of my favourite hymn-sings.
You're in my heart and in all that I do;
God gave me a gift of a mother like you.

Sometimes I hear your words so pure;
You are my angel, I know this for sure.
I walk 'not alone' on this Mother's Day
For you will be with me "o'er all the way".

Remember the year when I was small
and had pennies enough, as I recall,
to buy you the poem that hung on your wall?
I have it now, Mom, and it says it all.

"One love - was ever such another?
Love that will equal yours - Dear Mother?"
It's Mother's Day, Mom - a time to reflect;
but I know 'every' day, you are here with me yet.

Joan Adams Burchell

Written April 12, 2003

Inspirational Poetry