Make Something Shine

If your feelings are sad and down
And you know not what you should do,
Trust, let a smile replace that frown;
'Tis just the prescription for you.

"Make something shine!" Mom used to say,
The light may be shaded by grime,
Clouds intercept the bright sun's ray,
And shadows we see at the time.

Rubbing all tarnished thoughts away,
Our minds are now free to reflect -
His Light is shining night and day
Behind all the clouds we detect.

Rub out the thoughts that cloud your view;
The shine will remind you of love
That 'tis so freely giv'n to you,
Omnipotent Love from above.

Praying for strength and endurance,
You need not go down in despair
Knowing that Truth gives assurance;
Remember the Light's always there!

There to remind us, when we shine,
To rub and to banish all fear;
Only in darkness can we see
The Light that will make all things clear.

Reach out in Faith - ignore the dark -
Your anchor believe it to be.
Do all you can to "build an ark";
The negative side you won't see.

Then, in your eyes His Light will glow;
And you will have made something fine;
"Let there be Light", said God, and lo!
There was Light forever to shine!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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